Noman Hosni Image Credit: Supplied

The French comedy festival will return to the UAE this month with comedians including Noman Hosni from Switzerland, PE from Belgium, Mike Ward from Canada and Sebastian Marx from the United States.

The performers of the Montreux Comedy Festival will kick off their event in Abu Dhabi, on March 14, at Paris-Sorbonne University before heading to Dubai for a two-day show at Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre (DUCTAC) at the Mall of the Emirates from March 15 to 16.

Abu Dhabi will feature the opening French-speaking show, while the Dubai leg will stage English and French performances on he first and second days. Lasting for one and a half hours, all performances will start at 8.30pm. Tickets priced at Dh195 can be purchased at and

“We have been witnessing a growing loyal fan base for stand-up comedy and comedy of other forms in this part of the world and we are here to address the clamor for shows designed to bring out the laughs. This year, we are privileged to be joined by a highly talented roster of comedians to stage the kind of entertainment our brand is known for. The art of making people laugh is a rare gift. We are happy to be at the forefront of spreading this joy to our supporters in the UAE,” said Grégoire Furrer, President and Founder of the Montreux Comedy Festival, in a statement.