The Hatta Castle, located in the quaint Hatta Village, is being revived this year for the 10th Dubai Shopping Festival.

The Hatta Village, seeped in its age-old traditions and lore is resplendent with its own castle, which housed the village ruler, who ruled Hatta in the past, following orders and directions from the Dubai ruler.

The peaceful reign of the ruler resulted in a tight-knit community that led to the rapid development of the village that still stands testimony to a bygone era amidst the majestic dunes of Hatta.

For visitors of this village nestled in the quiet landscape, a typical day of the village-ruler's court would be played to give them a peek into the past.

Visitors will also be able to sample the delightful flavour of meat cooked in the Al Tanour (oven). Meat will be cooked true to the customs of the past to appease the taste buds of visitors every Friday and during the Eid holidays. Visitors can also enjoy traditional food cooked by the women of the region.

The traditional children's band Al Razefa will also be present. The youngsters perform the traditional "Al Razefa" dance with sticks and rifles with a background chorus. The songs centre around Arabian culture with themes such as generosity and helpfulness. The UAE Traditional Band Show will also keep visitors entertained every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

A daily Handicraft Show is also presented at the village. A special handicraft show has been arranged for children. Craftsmen will display their ware which includes pottery, iron works and traditional objects made of palm leaves to educate visitors about their traditional methods of livelihood.

The Women's Cooperative of Hatta branch will present a weaving art event. Intricate hand-made objects and antiques will be displayed.

Traditional contests such as Water Filling and Coffee Serving competitions will be held every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Special events for children will also be held.

Gifts will be distributed to all children visiting the village during the first two days of Eid Al Adha.