Secret Room Dubai
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Forget about VIP valet or rolling out the red carpet for a grand entrance, arrive at Secret Room in the most talked about way by driving your supercar straight into the middle of the nightlife venue, an arrival only for the super-elite. For the first time outside of Moscow, Secret Room has opened at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai - the only venue opening its doors for you and your luxury cars. Strategically located out of sight and underground at FIVE Palm Jumeirah, you need to pass through a graffiti-filled corridor to reach the hidden gem. Access is only granted via unique finger print identification, which is an essential feature, crucial to the brand and to gain your privileged access. Carefully selected clients will have their fingerprint registered; giving them the ability to instantly access the venue with a simple scan on the days Secret Room operates. With Hip Hop and R&B being the sole foundation of the club, the resident DJ and guest DJ’s will explore all aspects of these genres but will also delve into other soundscapes such as; Trap, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Afro beat, House & EDM. 

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Palm Jumeirah
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Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 11PM – 3AM
Call 058 869 8996