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Products and Services

Execution to Results

Whether it’s flyers, catalogues, front page stickers, printed polybagging, sampling & door drops , GN direct marketing is equipped to manage the full range of client requirements, conceptualizing the best sales campaigns, executing them effectively and delivering the desired results.

Circulation Audits

Setting standards for reliable audited results

GN Distribution has pioneered circulation audits for the publishing industry in the UAE. It understands the rigor and discipline required to obtain accredited audited figures through international audit agencies that make a crucial difference to a publication’s success.

  • Dedicated and experienced team
  • Complete support in preparing for audits

Targeted Direct Marketing Solutions

Marketing communication delivered, efficiently

GN direct marketing can help clients locate their specific target audience and deliver everything from standard direct marketing pieces to more innovate below-the-line formats as well as product samples with efficiency and precision.

  • Extremely niche to mass targeting possibilities
  • n-house area profiles based on socio-economic parameters
  • Ability to deliver varied formats:
    • Catalogs
    • Flyers distribution along with Gulf News
    • Front page stickers
    • Printed polybagging
    • Product samples
    • Sponsored copy placement
    • Door to door drops
  • Bespoke solutions based on product and communication needs