PRIME Healthcare Group
PRIME Healthcare Group offers 24/7 nursing care as part of its homecare services Image Credit: Supplied

When we talk of healthcare, it is not confined to a formal healthcare setting. The concept of home healthcare has been an integral aspect that has gained renewed vigour thanks to the pandemic.

Home Healthcare Services is a vast field of operations that includes urgent care, short-term treatment maintenance, and long-term palliative services. PRIME Healthcare Group, with its immense experience, a best-in-class team of medical professionals and excellent track record as a leading healthcare entity in the UAE and the region, provides the most advanced and comprehensive home healthcare services.

Our full spectrum of services covers doctor consultation, medicine protocols, wound care and injections to round-the-clock home care and nursing for short-, medium- and long-term durations for all illnesses, and in all fields, from paediatrics to geriatric care.

To ensure that we are top-of-class in this endeavour, PRIME Healthcare Group follows the principle of 3Rs: Reliability, Relationship and Result, to deliver the most satisfying experiences to our home healthcare clients of all nationalities.

As Service Providers, we believe we must be consistent, reliable, and uncompromising on quality and compassion to build solid and trusting relationships with our clients. Our hand-picked and specially trained homecare teams embody this value to deliver the results expected by our clients.

Right care, Right at Home

PRIME Homecare, started in July 2015, has a large and experienced workforce of licensed and qualified healthcare professionals, including doctors, registered nurses, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants and support staff providing skilled care and nursing management.

Our commitment to our homecare patients also includes devising cost-effective care; their concerns and ease of mind are as essential to us as is treating them with our best-in-class expertise.

We are proud of our internal quality assurance systems, continually reviewed and monitored to maintain quality and standards.

Remote Monitoring, doctor appointments and dedicated transport

We monitor our clients remotely, communicate with our homecare staff for patient updates and coordinate with PRIME Hospital, PRIME medical centres, and our Premiere Diagnostic Center for complete medical management. Every homecare patient is escorted by a member of our team for specialist appointments at PRIME Hospital and PRIME medical centres.

We provide reliable transportation to our homecare teams so they can reach the patient’s homes on time and ensure punctuality and reliability.

About PRIME Healthcare Group

PRIME Healthcare Group LLC was built by Dr Jamil Ahmed, an orthopedic surgeon trained in India and Germany, in partnership with prominent local partners. It is guided by the mission of being “the region’s most respected healthcare provider” offering personalised, comprehensive, and affordable quality healthcare.

PRIME Healthcare's vision

“To be the most respected healthcare provider in the region, offering the most effective treatment outcomes through the best-in-class professionals.”

PRIME’S Homecare Services

• GP consultation at home

• Nursing care 24/7

• Palliative care.

• Injections and iv medication.

• Vaccination at home for adults and paediatrics.

• Wound care.

• Physiotherapy.

• Lab sample collections, including PCR.

• Mother and baby care.

• Medical equipment at home.

• Education and counselling to caregivers

• Caregiver’s services


• Dr Jyothish George, Director, Homecare Services

• Ms. Biji Narayanan, Head of Department

• GP doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and caregivers (staff from the Philippines, India, Syria and Egypt).

• All staff are vaccinated and follow pandemic protocols.