Fresh To Home Ramadan
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The Holy Month of Ramadan brings a time for reflection as the community draws together to fast and plan gatherings for iftar and suhoor. Fasting is a sacred discipline and a time for spiritual growth, but it also has many physiological benefits for the body such as helping to regulate blood sugar, reducing inflammation and supporting mental health.

With a focus on refuelling after a day of fasting, it’s important to ensure that you choose foods that nourish your body to keep your energy levels sustained.

To keep energy levels at a healthy level when planning your meals, choose:

Proteins for cell generation, repair and muscle. Think sustainable chemical-free seafood and fresh fish, antibiotic-free chicken, red meats, grain-fed eggs or healthy legumes.

Wholesome carbohydrates like fruit and vegetables for energy, fibre, vitamins and antioxidants.

Healthy fats for hormones and essential cell membranes. Ideal sources are eggs, nuts, fatty fish (salmon, mackerel), avocado and olives.

FreshToHome provides top quality, cuts of meat, fresh vegetables, fruits and a range of grocery items for your Ramadan meals. And when you need help, choose our range of Ready-to-Cook products.

Head to our Ramadan Section for fresh dates, eggs, coleslaw, tabouleh, fattoush and salad mixes, or a vitamin-loaded mixed fruit box. Make a platter with our Iftar Snack Combo of cocktail chicken samosas, chicken cutlets and vegetable spring rolls. Or choose our Iftar Favourites Combo, which contains cocktail samosas, chicken cutlets in Kerala and Tandoori style, chicken spring rolls and mutton samosas. For children, add their favourite chicken popcorn or nuggets.

By saving you time in the kitchen, with our chemical and preservative-free promise, it’s one less thing to worry about so you can focus on what matters - a time to reflect and be with loved ones.

Get 15 per cent off all our Ramadan products, plus if you spend more than Dh80 use code “RAMADAN” to receive a free box of chocolate covered dates*.

FreshToHome wishes you a very blessed Ramadan Kareem.

* Between March 28 – April 26, 2022. Subject to change. Whilst stocks last.

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