The countdown has begun. With Valentine’s Day three days away, your mind must be frantic playing with options – how to make the most of the day, particularly the evening. Should you dance the evening away or have a cosy, candlelit dinner for two? How to look your best? And the most stress-inducing of all, the gift and how should it be wrapped? After all, your gift to your loved one should look its best too. A fancy, ribboned wrap complete with a bow is a sure treat! So tap into your creativity and keep your date happy.

 “Wrapping is all about using your imagination and putting some thought into it. You can turn the dullest gift into something special with a novel wrapping or make the most exciting gift quite dull with the wrong one,” says Arthur Zantua, retail manager of PAPERMOON, Satwa, a shop that specialises in gift-wrapping.

You can wrap your Valentine’s gifts in a red theme of bright wrapping paper and decorate the gift basket with a cute English teddy. Or place heart-shaped boxes with your loved one’s heart’s desires in a basket cushioned with shredded silk. These wrappings are highly innovative and take only minutes to complete. Zantua demonstrates one.

Gifts in a basket

Fantastically easy! Place your gift in shredded silk basket (a gift in itself).

 You will need

  • Basket made of shredded silk (or any other material of your choice).
  • Handful of shredded silk.
  • Heart-shaped gift boxes.
  • Ribbons (printed and plain).
  • Small soft toy.
  • Artificial flowers.
  • Pair of scissors and Sellotape.


  • Place a handful of shredded silk in the basket. ( pic 1)
  • Place the gift boxes in the basket. ( pic 2)
  • Tie the printed and plain ribbons on the side of the handle of the basket. ( pic 3)
  • Snip the ends of the ribbon into V shapes and secure them to the handle with glue. ( pic 4)
  • Glue the roses to the centre of the ribbon. ( pic 5)
  • Tie the teddy bear to the basket handle. ( pic 6)


PAPERMOON is a store that exclusively deals in gift-wrapping and selling a large range of gift wrap products. It has branches in Al Meena Road, Satwa; Al Ghurair Centre, Deira; Town Centre and Abu Dhabi Mall.