It was a happy day when Lebanese singer Diana Haddad gave birth to her second baby girl a few months ago. Since then, the star has been working hard to shift the extra pounds from her pregnancy to be in shape for a video shoot in the UAE.

Haddad, who has been living in Dubai for several years, chose to shoot her new video for Azab Al Hawa in the desert and opted to use Emirati director Nahla Fahed, who happens to be a friend of hers.

In the video, Haddad looks back to her trim self in wonderful dresses designed by Lebanese artist Akl Fakih.

The song is taken from her new album which contains nine songs bearing the signature of famous poets and composers from the Gulf. Haddad is now preparing to shoot several more videos before the end of May.

The artist has also just accepted an offer from an international artist to sing with him in English and Arabic. It follows her refusal of an offer from an international company to shoot an ad in English as she wanted to film the commercial in both English and Arabic, to respect her Arab audience.

Married to her career

Kif Al Qamar? is the title of Amal Hijazi's new album which is currently being launched in Beirut.

The new CD contains 10 songs and Hijazi has already filmed the video for one of the songs with director Randa Al Alam.

Hot on its heels, she will soon film a second video for a song from the album directed by artist Yehia Saade.

It comes after Hijazi confirmed in a recent interview that she had broken up with her fiancé.

She said: "I'm taking a break from relationships. And, at this point of my life, I might spend a long time alone. I find finally that my work is going to compensate for a lot of things for me."

Big step

She explained that her engagement had been serious and was leading to marriage. But after a great deal of consideration between her and her fiancé, they decided it was too big a step to take at this stage and so felt it was better to part ways.

"Men are very important of course. But I feel that I'm married to my career and to my art - and this is not a cliché," she added. "My life is not easy."