Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe has been voted the most elegant star in the Arab world. She also has the best smile, according to a survey conducted in several countries by Wanassa music channel.

Many Lebanese and other Arab stars were on the list, including Najwa Karam, Nancy Ajram, Elissa, Nawal Zoghby and Sherine Abdul Wahab.

Not the first time

Upon hearing the results, Haifa thanked her fans through the channel.

This is not the first time that beautiful Haifa has been named one of the sexiest and most desirable women on the planet. She was included by People magazine among the 100 most beautiful women in the world, along with Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie.

Most beautiful

She was also elected by American men on the internet site askmen.com as one of the most beautiful women in the world. On this list she was ranked above Nicole Kidman and Beyoncé Knowles.

Haifa was the first Lebanese star to appear on European and American channels. She performed onstage in a programme for Italian channel Rai Uno and has been interviewed by CNN and ABC.

Could this be love?

Ramy Ayach is seen around Beirut with tunisian model Rym saidy

Lebanese singer Ramy Ayach is a sweet, romantic guy. You can tell that by his choice of songs, his voice and his attitude. He is every young girl's dream. But it seems that his heart is already taken.

Ramy Ayach was seen in City Mall in Beirut with Tunisian model Rym Saidy. She is the beautiful girl who won last year's The Mission Fashion TV contest. Ramy and Rym were seen in a restaurant in the shopping mall with another couple: singer and actress Cyrine Abdul Nour and her husband Fareed Rahme. Ramy and Fareed are friends. Ramy recently composed a song for his friend's wife, Cyrine. It will figure among the eight songs on her new CD.

Love life

But let's return to Ramy's love life. Beirut's City Mall is not the only place where he was seen with the Tunisian model. A week later, when Ramy was singing onstage for Mission Fashion 2007 on LBC, Rym was in the audience.
Lately Ramy has hosted several TV shows. He flew to the United Arab Emirates for the shooting of Anta Min (Who Are You), shown on Abu Dhabi TV.

During the episode, Ramy, who overcame cancer several years ago, met Nour, a young girl also suffering from cancer. Her dream was to see Ramy - her favourite singer - and her favourite political leader, Saad Hariri.

Thanks to a Lebanese NGO called Tamanna (Wish), she spent a day with Hariri and met Ramy, who sang a duet with her.

The singer was surprised to see Nour onstage during the programme Anta Min, hosted by Lebanese presenter Nadine Fallah. His surprise didn't prevent him from asking Nour if all her dreams were realised. "I wish I could see my brother in Denmark," she said. Ramy promised to finance the young girl's journey to the country of the Little Mermaid.

Busy Hellani

Lebanese singer Assi Hellani returned from the United Arab Emirates where he shot the video of his new song Dubai Al Hilm Al Waed (Dubai, the Promising Dream). The song is dedicated to His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Hellani, who spends his time in Lebanon on his ranch in the Bekaa Valley, came home to rest for a few days. He then flew to Panama to sing at a wedding party. Now, he's planning a trip to Saudi Arabia for the shooting of an event related to the Horse Festival. He will hardly have time to breathe before flying to the Ivory Coast, where he will perform on December 24 in Abidjan.

Carla Boutros's tragic crash

It was a fine Sunday afternoon. Lebanese model and actress Carla Boutros was returning with her husband Johnny Rbeiz, 41, her two daughters Adriana, 7, and Ivana, 2, from BHV shopping mall to their home in Raboueh, a chic suburb of Beirut. The Filipino housekeeper was also in the car.


On Sin el-Fil highway a truck smashed into the family's white Kia jeep. Johnny, who was driving, and the Filipino housekeeper, who was sitting behind him, died instantly. Carla and her two daughters were badly injured.

The actress, suffering a head wound and various bruises, remained several days in intensive care. In order to spare her the shock while she was recovering, Carla was not immediately told that she had lost her husband. Her family and relatives told her that he was also in intensive care.

Mira, the second

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad and husband director Suheil Abdul are the happy parents of a baby girl named Mira. Mira was born on November 26 in Dubai's American Hospital. Mother and child are in good health. Mira is their second child. Their first one is named Sophie.