Sian Rowlands: “I need a complete overhaul so I can rediscover my motivation and find the energy to grow personally and professionally.” Image Credit: Grace Paras/ANM

Week three was a difficult one for me, as by Monday I had come down with the flu so had to rest a couple of days - I think this had a bigger effect on me mentally than it did physically, but it was still difficult to pick the fitness up again.  So this week I am trying even harder to make up for it!  I started this week off well already with a pilates class where we focused on strengthening my hip muscles, as these being weak have caused some dis-alignment in the rest of me that had been holding me back. Straight after that I had my first 1:1 life coaching session which was really enlightening. It started off working through some difficult things but as the session went on it clearly became easier.  I'm really looking forward to the next session, and excited about seeing how the changes effect my everyday life!

This morning I had a Skiptrix Circuits session and was really pleased to see some noticeable difference in my strength and stamina from the first few classes; I reached a couple of personal goals and it was a really great feeling!  So whilst week three was a tough one, week four has started really well and it has given me some added motivation to really go for it this week!