Jal Neti is a process of cleansing the nasal passage with salt water. It is one of the six kriyas (cleansing techniques) and aids free breathing, helping one remain in good health.

A pot or lota (pitcher) is used to introduce salt water into the nostrils.

A teaspoon of salt is used per half litre of pure lukewarm water.


  • Fill the neti pot with the prepared salt water.
  • One's position would be either a standing or squatting position (kajagana)
  • In standing position, bend the body slightly forward from the waist
  • Gently insert the end of the nozzle into the opening of one nostril, pressing firmly against the sides to avoid leakage
  • Progressively tilt the head to the right while simultaneously raising the neti pot in such a way that water runs into the left nostril
  • Keep the mouth open for breathing
  • Repeat with other nostril
  • After completing both sides, exhale forcefully with both nostrils to remove moisture and secretions


  • Salt water used in Jal Neti loosens the thickened mucous bonded inside the nostrils and cleans the nasal passage
  • It stimulates the olfactory nerves, which further stimulates the hypothalamus and limbic system
  • Helps in preventing/ eliminating colds and removing infection
  • Helps reduce pimples
  • Is beneficial in middle ear infections, glue ear, tinnitus
  • Beneficial for asthma and bronchitis