Dance, fashion, music ... students display their skills at Dimensions 2005 in the Dubai Knowledge Village

In a rich and colourful show of talent, the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) hosted its first talent contest recently at the Dubai Knowledge Village. As the name suggests, the show, Dimensions 2005, sought to display the various dimensions of student talent.

The event, organised by the Cultural Committee and students of MAHE and sponsored by the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, began with a fashion show. The clothes, designed by the fashion design students at the university, were created from everything but fabric.

The fashion show was followed by talent competitions. Performances were evaluated according to expression, choreography, coordination, teamwork, customs and audience response.

Judges included Chloe Webster, segment manager at Swarovski and a professional dancer, Mandy Kingsberry, a designer and stylist from New Zealand, and Marisch Vasisht, Vice-president of ZTV in the Middle East.

Javeria Pasha, chairperson of the Department of Fashion Design and Technology at MAHE and one of the event's organisers, said: "We have lots of events where professional talents come to perform. Through this show we want to promote the local talent here. These events will have more value if our local talents participate."

She added that these shows provide a very good way to motivate students and get them to participate in extracurricular activities. "Parents are very supportive of their daughters and sons." This was obvious from the strong attendance of parents at the show.

Marisch Vasisht echoed Pasha's remarks, saying that it has been a long time since he had attended such a gathering that brought out so much talent.

"The young now are dancing to the words of television and film industry. I look at these talents and I believe something serious should be done to support and encourage them. The media should come together to do so."

Talent Day – contests and winners

Vocal Solo
Western Magdalene Thusheta
Indian Remya Elizabeth Mathew

Instrumental Solo
Charles Philip John

Vocal Group
Liaqat Ali
Varun Dharmatham
Ads Zap
Sadiya Gafoor
Tanafiz Khleel
Aysha Khalid
Manju Mohan

Solo Dance
Neelanchana Sobha Kumar

Group Dance
Two groups emerged winners in a tie. These were
Group 1: Balachandran Prasad, Shaik Suhail, Kiran Ajay Kadbet, Vikas Jaswani

Group 2: Neelanchana Shoba Kumar, Gincy Georgy, Deepika Nair, Deepa Jacob