If you've heard Hindi radio channels in the last 2 years, you're familiar with the voice of Gagan Mudgal. Gagan has now relocated to Mumbai, but he returns to Dubai tomorrow with a play.

A sequel to his hugely popular Visit Visa, Residence Visa will be staged at the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre.
Dilip, the protagonist who looked for a job in Visit Visa, is now living in Dubai, married and a popular RJ. Swetta Keswani plays Dilip's wife and adds a touch of glamour to the play.

The play, highlighting all aspects of our lives in the Gulf, will make you laugh and cry but, most of all, it will make you think.
There are two shows — at 5.30 and 8pm. Call 050-8189507 for details.

The first act

Visit Visa is a bitter-sweet comedy which narrates the experiences of an Indian who is in Dubai on a visit visa to seek a job. It deals with Dilip Das's experiences.

The pressure on Dilip Das of finding a job before his 60-day visit visa runs out, is the highlight of the play.
Mudgal took the audience through a humorous narration of Das's difficult lifestyle alternating it with his life back home and his loving family. Mudgal, 27, says that expatriates he has met in Dubai inspired him to write the play.

"Anybody who stays in Dubai for a few years will hear about the lives of bachelors in Dubai," said Mudgal in an earlier interview. He said parts of his play were inspired by bachelors he met who lived in cramped apartments in Dubai.