Rashmi Premaney, Miss UAE 2008 and a contestant for Miss India Worldwide 2009, talks about her life:

I believe that what defines a beautiful model is her ability to create an aura of her presence in any crowd or group. She should be able to manage her beauty with grace, style and the right attitude.

My childhood memories consist of my Dad, mom and my elder brother in Bur Dubai where we used to live.
We were a big family and my immediate and extended family lived together. We were a group of five kids and we shared a strong bond. My elder brother used to take care of all of us very well.

I will never forget the fun times we had playing together during my childhood years. I was never camera-shy as a child – quite the opposite really but I still cannot believe that I have become a model.

It is interesting how it came about.
Two years ago, while I was in college, I accompanied a friend of mine to her modelling shoot. At the venue, my friend requested the photographer to take a few pictures of me.

Till then I had not had professional photographs taken of me. I wasn't dressed smartly and was not wearing any make-up, but nevertheless, he took a few photos
of me.

Two days later my friend called me to say that a casting director [of a modelling agency] who had seen the pictures the photographer had taken was interested in offering me a modelling assignment. I was completely taken aback. I had never considered modelling. Also I was not sure whether my parents would allow me to take up the offer but my friend encouraged me insisting that I should give it a try.

So I signed a contract for an ad campaign and a few days later found myself in front of the camera. I soon received more assignments and got more involved in the modelling industry.

My best memories associated with modelling are ones I have of an assignment I did in London.I have never experienced such professionalism as I did there.

The crew had the complete storyboard of the shoot for the campaign ready with even the minutest details in place. They had created a mock-up of the shoot on the computer. I was
astounded by the clarity of vision of the director. The entire team was brilliant and they made me feel at ease.

I am looking forward to the Miss India Worldwide contest on February 14. I know that I will gain extensive experience from this competition and I'm looking forward to meeting contestants from around the world.

Being on an international platform will be a great experience. I will be able to broaden my knowledge, experience and exposure. The event is taking place in Durban.

I will be undergoing various training sessions and rehearsals. In Durban, we will be going on some sightseeing tours, visiting charity homes and orphanages as well as attending some functions. I am preparing hard for this pageant.

My national director for Miss India Worldwide here in Dubai is John Matthew. He has chalked out various training programmes for me including body toning, personality development, presentation skills, makeover and skin toning, ramp walking and diet plans.

I am also busy coordinating my outfits for the different rounds and designing my evening gown. I follow my diet plan strictly, drink a lot of water every day and make sure that I get adequate sleep every night. I do not believe in resorting to plastic surgery to improve looks. I prefer to be my natural self.

One thing I detest about beauty pageants is the swimsuit round. Unfortunately, it's mandatory in most pageants. But luckily MIWW does not have a swimsuit category.

The other thing I hate is contestants having to sport a plastic smile on their face throughout the event whatever their state of mind. There has been no pressure on me from my family to win the title.

My family are very supportive and give me all the motivation I need. They are happy that I am participating. Whenever they find me tense over something, they comfort me by saying that all the efforts that I am taking preparing for the event have made me a winner whether I win the crown or not.

People often ask me why I want to win the title. I tell them that all individuals – doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, actors or clerks – who have an ambition in life want to be a winner in their chosen field.

I have chosen modelling as my career and my ambition is to win the title at this pageant. It will help me as it will give me better exposure and more experience to climb my chosen career ladder.

The title would take me from being a model to becoming a celebrity and this position would help me make
a difference in the world.

A modelling career does not normally last longer than 10 to 15 years in total.Twenty years from now I don't see myself as a model or an actress. I want to have a family.

Then again, I am not the kind of woman who wants to stay at home so I might start my own business in the fashion industry.