Emraan Hashmi's year-old marriage to his long-time sweetheart Parveen Shahani is on the rocks. Apparently, the actor has been having an affair with Pakistani actress Sanaa for quite some time.

The affair only came to light when Sanaa's parents called filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, Emraan's uncle, and told him about his nephew's extra marital affair.

Apparently, Emraan got intimate with Sanaa when they were shooting for his new film Jannat in Capetown.

Mahesh, who has helped launch Emraan's career, wanted to help the star in his personal life. He called him up and told him to stop the affair and lead a steady marital life. He told him to focus on his career instead.

But Mahesh's advice did not go down too well with Emraan. The actor felt that Mahesh, who himself doesn't have a very clean marriage record, had no right to interfere in his private affairs.

Mahesh, who only wanted to help his nephew, was also miffed by Emraan's reaction.

Parveen is extremely upset about the whole thing and is now contemplating whether she should move out or give Emraan another chance.