Khalifa, an eight-month baby boy, born to a Yemeni father and a UAE national mother, is seeking his rights to citizenship and decent life.
He has been sharing half a room in his grandfather's home with his five-member family after his father lost his job.

To support her family, Khalifa's mother - Hanan Al Braiki - plans to take up a job as the first UAE government relations officer (GRO) in an Abu Dhabi-based construction company.

Although Khalifa's maternal grandfather is a UAE national, his father (Hussain Ali Al Braiki) holds a Yemeni passport. He applied for a UAE passport in 1999, but was not granted one.

"Khalifa and his two sisters, aged 4 and 6, his father and I live in a half-room, where we sleep, dine, watch TV and my daughters study and play," said Hanan, who quit school in grade 10.

She hopes the problem of her children's citizenship will be solved.

"Our leadership never fail us and my humble request to them is to grant my husband and children UAE citizenship and help us lead a decent life."

Hanan also believes that UAE national women should have the same rights as men when it comes to marrying foreigners.

"Our children should be citizens, and entitled to free education, health care and housing."

"Khalifa's father and I are cousins and got married in 1997.

"His father was sacked from his job in 2004 after he failed to report to work on time following an annual leave. And he has ever since failed to land a job."
"In the meantime, I got my Dh1,200 social security payment suspended and had to look for a job to support my family. Fortunately, I was recently offered a job as a government relations officer and I am determined to succeed in it," she said.
"But being a nursing mother will prevent me from doing a full-time job, which will earn me only Dh3,000 a month. This amount will not be enough for a family of five, considering the high cost of living."

Khalifa's father, Hussain Ali Al Braiki, feels it is he who should support his family.

"It was the most difficult decision my wife and I have ever made to let her be the family's sole source of income," said Hussain, who was a labourer in an oil company.