If your feet have been screaming for help and you are too embarrassed to let them out, chances are you are not alone.

It's summer, and the heat is on, so it's time for ladies to spice up their feet with a pedicure.

Soula Eid, spa manager at the Marine Beach Resort and Spa in Dubai, gave us some examples of their pedi offers.

What is the process?

First there is the pedicure foot therapy, using a calming soak and pedi scrub to prepare the feet for the treatment.

Cuticles and nails are then revived and after a nourishing foot massage, polish is applied.

The spa luxury foot treatment is also great for removing hard, dead skin using an invigorating salt scrub. This is a fantastic therapy for those suffering from excessively dry feet or just tired feet in need of a boost.

Where does the pampering come in?

The client is treated to a relaxing massage on the foot and calf area following cuticle work.

The treatment ends with the feet being enveloped in a warm paraffin mask to soften and nourish the skin.

Pampering your feet at least twice a month and soaking them in bath salts or having a massage and moisturising treatment every night will keep your feet healthy.

Pedicures have become facials for the feet. Some people also flike their nails to be more fashionable.

Many now booking pedicure treatments specifically, rather than just including it in their spa package.

Top toe tips

When going for a pedicure, watch out for poor sanitation in salons. This can cause bacterial infections and warts.

If in doubt, take your own manicure tools.

Beware excessive filing and cutting of cuticles, as this can lead to injury.

Fashionable feet

The latest trends for the feet include:

- Toe rings.
- Stickers.
- Decorative art stone.
- Nail art design.