What expectations did you have of Fool N Final?

The music of the film topped the charts, that's why I was positive about its outcome.

What was your experience on the sets?

I had a blast. Since I had worked with most of the stars, I was comfortable working with them again.

Do you think you've proved yourself on the screen?

Among all my films, Dor and Socha Na Tha were the only ones where I got the chance to show my talent. You need the right roles to bring out the best in you.

Is it true that you refused Nagesh Kukunoor's new film as it involves hot scenes?

I've always said no to anything I'm uncomfortable with. I have worked with Nagesh in Dor. He is like a family member, but I don't break my rules for anybody.

Apparently you didn't share good vibes with Abhay Deol in Socha Na Tha…

We made a good screen couple, but we didn't hit it off on other fronts. But why are we talking about this? We don't party together. In any case, I'm an anti-social person. I only hang out with my boyfriend Farhan Azmi.

What is the best thing you like about Farhan?

I like everything about him. He is so cool. But what I admire most about him is that he's made it on his own. I respect such people. I see a certain strength and dignity in them. I always wanted a mature, self-assured person which I have found in him, and I thank God for that.