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It's got an exotic name: The word "shawarma" makes you wonder what you are going to feast on. It definitely sounds more exotic compared to "burger"!

You can have as many as you want: I can eat five shawarmas but can't get through even two burgers. Plus, you cannot really drink healthy drinks such as Laban with a burger.

Impressive wrapping: Roll, wrap and twist. Each sandwich is dressed at super speed yet the wrap is spill-proof. Although sometimes I have difficulty opening it, chances of spilling the precious contents as I eat are reduced. But with a burger I'd rather not say – ketchup marks on my shirts speak volumes!

It's healthy: The grilled meat in a shawarma comes with lots of crisp vegetables and fat-free spreads. But the same cannot be said about its Western cousin – the burger.

You can chat with the guy who makes it: The people who prepare shawarmas are dedicated and friendly. They brave the hot flames and don't mind chatting with a customer as they prepare the sandwich.

My family loves it: This makes deciding on what to eat easier. Many families waste a lot of time deciding whether to have Chinese, Mexican or Continental cuisine but when we're short of time we just grab a shawarma and munch as we discuss the remaining things on the to-do list!

There is variety too: Within the broad category of shawarma there are various kinds to choose from, all of them unique and with an authentic taste – falafel, chicken, beef, seafood and open plate.

Much more authentic: Having a shawarma in any part of the Arab world connects me instantly to the culture and cuisine of the country. Burgers have been diversified to match local tastes but the shawarma stands tall in all its simplicity and remains true to its taste without any modifications.

I get to use my car horn: I do not have to walk to the counter, I can honk to the waiter from my car and order as many shawarmas as I want and eat them in my car. Agreed, burger joints have drive-through facilities, but you have to move on as soon as you pick your parcel. Also, I don't get to honk, so there's no fun!

Easily available: The best bargains come in small packages. Tiny shawarma shops are tucked in every nook and corner, especially in Al Nasr Square area. And they all sell tasty shawarmas. But finding a good burger joint in some places is not easy.