monarch butterflies
Every year, between January and March, millions of monarch butterflies set off on their annual migration from Canada to Mexico. Image Credit: Unsplash/Alex Guillaume

If vibrant colours inspire and energise you, there’s no better place to find it than in Nature.

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On your next trip, consider visiting one of these destinations, where striking natural spectacles are sure to leave lasting memories:

1. Monarch butterfly migration, Mexico

Every year, between January and March, millions of monarch butterflies set off on their annual migration from Canada to Mexico, where they settle for the winter. In this time, they transform the fir trees of Michoacan into a living, breathing, open-air art installation. If you’re lucky, you can watch them rise together and form a spectacular orange and black blur as they flutter through the air.

2. Firefly show, US

Fireflies put up a spectacular light show. Image Credit: Unsplash/Tony Phan

The Smoky Mountains plays host to a dazzling light show once a year, between May and June. Fireflies in this region synchronise their glow, setting off beautiful bioluminescent ripples around the mountains, as part of their mating rituals. But take note – it’s frustratingly difficult to forecast when this phenomenon will occur, so you’ll have to hope luck is on your side.

3. Red crab migration, Christmas Island

red crab migration
Red crab migration at Christmas Island. Image Credit: Unsplash/Raphael Bick

In Christmas Island, Australia, Scarlet crustaceans scuttle out of their hiding places and head for the coast every year, during mating season. Since they encounter roads and highways along the way, the authorities have created special bridges and underpasses to avoid them being accidentally flattened. You can catch a glimpse of this scarlet wave in October or November.

4. Flowering desert, Chile

Superblooms are not uncommon – they occur around the world, in places like China or Namaqualand, South Africa. But in the world’s driest desert – Chile’s Atacama – they only happen when rainfall is unexpectedly high, sometime between September and November. Vibrant, multicoloured flowers erupt in full bloom, turning the desert into an astonishing garden.

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