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A statue depicting King Lear, a character who arguably undergoes the biggest transformation in any of Shakespeare’s plays. Image Credit: Stock photo/Pixabay

“Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have Immortal longings in me.” When Cleopatra said these words in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, perhaps she was describing the ambitions of the English playwright himself.

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The 16th century poet, playwright and actor, William Shakespeare, is arguably the world’s greatest dramatist. His works have endured for centuries, and his characters remain as relatable today as they were hundreds of years ago.

Here are a few protagonists from Shakespeare’s plays that have stood the test of time. Spot them in today’s Word Search!

1. Hamlet

Hamlet Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Michele Rapisardi

The melancholy Prince of Denmark is considered to be the Bard’s most complex character, and perhaps the greatest dramatic character ever created. His famous “To be, or not to be” soliloquy still commands attention, in countless film adaptations, theatre productions and plays. Shakespeare’s skillful psychological insight into the character keeps viewers enraptured, as they follow Hamlet’s slow descent into madness.

2. Macbeth

As one of Shakespeare’s most intense and appealing villains, Macbeth is just as intriguing and complex as Hamlet. Introduced as a courageous, honourable soldier, Macbeth’s ambition, over the course of the story, causes him to fall into traps of paranoia, manipulation by his wife Lady Macbeth, and murder. Despite his terrible actions, his humane moments of guilt and self-doubt stop viewers from dismissing him as completely evil. It’s why he remains one of Shakespeare’s most fascinating characters.

3. Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth, Macbeth and the Murder of Duncan (Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act II, Scene II) Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Metropolitan Museum of Art

Once you’ve met her, it’s difficult to forget the conniving intensity of Lady Macbeth. With far fewer reservations about the impact of her actions than her husband, she is ruthless, and famously manipulative in getting people to do what she wants – even murder. The strings that Lady Macbeth pulls during significant moments in the play have lasting repercussions, making her one of Shakespeare’s most influential characters.

4. King Lear

Beginning the play as an egotistical ruler and ending it as a humble, sympathetic man, King Lear arguably undergoes the biggest transformation in any of Shakespeare’s plays. The king has to address his blind spots as the play progresses – the fact that he values appearances over reality, believes flattery, and places his trust in people that do not deserve it. All of these issues leave him destitute and mad at the end of the play, with only the humble realisation of truth as his solace. Shakespeare’s historical play is made all the more believable because of the wretched lead protagonist.

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