dita von teese kitchen
With furniture pieces dating to the Ottoman Empire, today's Weekend Crossword might just inspire you to revamp your home, with our help. Above: Actress Dita Von Teese's racing green kitchen. Image Credit: Twitter/@ArchDigest

We’re tired of white desks and shelves that blend into white walls; of pattern-less throws and non-invasive décor. A living space should look lived in, and sleek nothings serve no purpose but otherwise. The sun is quickly setting on minimalism – an American art movement of 1950s that prioritised simplicity – so invite some chaos into your home.

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It is the era of Iranian rugs in the kitchen, racing green cabinets and items placed a little too closely to one another. We might have to just thank the Architectural Digest for that eye-opening glimpse into actress Dakota Johnson’s vintage-modern home last year.

dakota johnson kitchen
Dakota Johnson's sage green kitchen. Image Credit: Twitter/@ArchDigest

Nothing circulated faster on the internet than a photograph of her cosy kitchen accented by sage green cabinets and an antique Iranian rug, which did raise a few eyebrows for covering the entire floor. A following house feature on burlesque actress and fashion icon Dita Von Teese gave us even wilder interior ideas with her penchant for rich, royal hues and velvet ottomans.

It all meant that we were done playing safe. Here are a few tips we picked up to help you maximalise your space, sprinkled with answers from today’s Crossword:

1. Make them look twice

Add a head-turning statement piece or colour. An antique wingback chair, upholstered in print fabric or leather, in an otherwise modern room would do the trick. If you think a vintage lamp would give your kitchen that extra oomph, then get one – there are no rules. And don’t dismay with a small cooking space, bold flooring can convert it into your tasteful little corner.

Online stores Etsy and eBay are going to be your best bet for cool, vintage finds.

2. Rugs, rugs and more rugs

Naked floorboards and plain tiles are admittedly a little dull. Nothing exudes warmth more than rectangular cuts of elaborate carpet under your settee, loveseat or chaise lounge. We’ve seen that those of Iranian origin seem to be popular, but Moroccan and Turkish rugs look equally decadent.

Pick a bold colour and roll with it. Image Credit: Pexels/Charlotte May

3. Ambient lighting

Dita Von Teese lit up her entryway inside the house with a pair of street lamps and wall sconces inspired by Gothic castles. The warm glow somehow complements the soft green light emanating from another Victorian lamp across the dim room. So leave the natural lighting to the sun and switch to brass ambient lamps for your night-ins.

4. Green is the new black

Colours don’t bite. Come up with a colour swatch with at least one key bold colour; throw in mulberry red, midnight blue or people-favourite green and its darker, subdued shades. Your walls are a blank canvas, don’t leave them white.

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