Learning to use the knife correctly in the kitchen can go a long way in improving your cooking skills Image Credit: Stock photo/Pexels

Sizzle, chop, mix, flip or fry – you are the conductor of your own orchestra in the kitchen.

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Whether you’re a star chef or a novice, there are a number of things you can focus on to help you navigate around a kitchen successfully.

One of them is mastering basic knife skills. Handling the tool with confidence can help you work with different textures without any fear. Once you learn to score, shear, slice finely and more, you can work with virtually any recipe out there, with confidence. Check out Gulf News' Food guide to knives.

Learning to chop an onion correctly – the chief ingredient in so many eastern and western dishes – can also help in meal preparations. And if you’re concerned about tearing up when chopping, try these hacks: freeze the onion for a few minutes before slicing, or suck on a teaspoon while chopping (it works!).

Next, know how to use salt well. Essential for seasoning, too much or too little salt can completely change the flavour of a dish – so tasting as you go is a good way to ensure you’ve got the proportions right.

And if you’ve oversalted your broth, there’s an easy solution. In her book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, American chef Julia Child shared the best way to remove excess saltiness – just add in a grated potato. Simmer the potato in the liquid for about 8 minutes and then strain it and discard the potato. It acts like a sponge and absorbs the salty liquid.

Similarly, using the correct type of sugar for your baked dish can change flavour, colour and texture. Check out this guide to ensure you are using the right sugar for the right dish.

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