The chocolate chip cookie was a lucky mistake. Image Credit: Stock photo/Pexels

Forget the "chicken or egg" origin debate. There's a far more important question to consider. Which came first - the chocolate chip or the chocolate chip cookie? The answer might surprise you.

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Legend has it that the chocolate chip cookie was a lucky mistake. According to Canada-based Centennial College’s website, it was created when a baker in the US attempted to make pure chocolate cookies by adding a chopped-up chocolate bar, with the assumption that it would melt while baking and combine with the rest of the batter.

If you’ve made these cookies before, you know what happened next – the chocolate pieces didn’t completely melt, but did turn into gooey, delicious surprises within the cookie. The chocolate chip cookie became so popular that confectionary companies started manufacturing chocolate chips to make it easier to bake!

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Another popular baked item, the muffin, is well-hidden in today’s puzzle. Muffins became popular in English regions, and Wales in particular, in the 10th century. When the kitchen staff of the aristocracy would bake cakes and end up with extra batter, they found creative ways to avoid wasting it. They would put it into small molds and make mini cakes – what we know as muffins. Environmentally friendly and delicious!

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