Today's puzzle is full of joy, kindness, care and other positive words Image Credit: Stock photo/Pexels

If spreading kindness is on your to-do list today, then today’s Word Search will inspire you.

Click start to play and find out why.

The puzzle may seem like a jumble of random letters at first glance. But once you begin looking for the listed words, the letters will come together to form a cohesive vocabulary.

A tip for new Word Searchers: Some words in the puzzle are spelled backwards, while others pop up diagonally, so be on the lookout!

Today, all the words have to do with positive personality traits. From ‘gentleness’ to ‘care’, find them all.

One way to separate the right letters from the wrong ones is to look out for letter pairs rather than the first alphabet of the word. For instance, look for ‘ge’ when searching for ‘gentleness’. This strategy will increase your chances of finding all the words faster.

But if you’re having a hard time completing the puzzle, you can always invite a friend to play by clicking the ‘Play Together’ button. The fun is doubled when you solve it together!

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