Hammocks were first developed in Central and South America and were used for sleeping. Image Credit: Stock photo/Pexels

Our furniture makes our lives infinitely more comfortable – from cosy couches to overflowing bookcases, they are units around our homes that anchor our lives and create a safe, loved and lived-in space.

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One of the words mentioned in our puzzle is the loveseat. First invented in the 17th century, the loveseat was shaped like an ‘S’ to accommodate women wearing large dresses with hoops, a typical style of attire for the wealthy, in the early Modern period in the West. The two-person chair was perfect for intimate conversations and was favoured by people who were courting each other. It allowed them to face each other and even hold hands, hence its name.

While it was initially used only by the wealthy, by the 19th century, the loveseat became a common household feature, simply because it was seen as a space-saving sofa.

Another word – tuffet – is something I had only heard of in the nursery rhyme that goes: “Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet…”. While Miss Muffet’s tuffet was a small mound of grass, the word has since been used to describe a fabric-covered footstool or ottoman. This versatile piece of furniture can be used indoors or outdoors, and is often a standard in children’s rooms, because of its short height and the storage compartment hidden within.

Lastly, the hammock in our puzzle instantly transports us to the tropics. Who doesn’t love a hammock by the beach, with a good book and a cold drink in hand? Hammocks were first developed in Central and South America and were used for sleeping. Early hammocks were woven from the bark of hamack trees (hence its name), and were later replaced by sisal fibres, which were more abundant.

Hammocks were immensely popular because they provided safety from insect stings, snakes and animal bites, since they were suspended above the ground. In 1492, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus brought hammocks to Europe after his trip to islands that we now know as the Bahamas.

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