mince pie
This year, mince pie fillings are eclectic and diverse. Image Credit: Unsplash/Edward Howell

What does your Christmas dinner table look like in 2021?

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This year, apparently, most kitchens are side-stepping Christmas puddings and Brussels sprouts, according to UK-based news organisation BBC. Trends are leaning towards new-age Wellingtons, baked cheese, and desserts that feature salted caramel.

Here are some ways you can incorporate trendy ingredients into traditional Christmas fare:

1. Mince pies

Gone are the days of sweet meat and dried fruits in your mince pies. This year, mince pie fillings are eclectic and diverse. Millionaire salted caramel and chocolate is on top of everyone’s mince pie recipe list – it’s presumably called “millionaire” because it’s so rich in taste. Other flavours include frangipane, the almond flavoured sweet pastry cream, that quickly became an integral part of tarts, galettes and puff pastries – now it’s making its grand entrance into mince pies, too!

Try your hand at Michelin-star chef Tom Aikens’ giant mince pie or a traditional fruit mince.

2. Cheese

baked cheese
Baked brie or camembert Image Credit: Unsplash/Stories

Cheese is always welcome, on any occasion – but this year, it’s all about baked cheese. Whether it’s small brie and camembert cheeses in ceramic dishes, to be eaten with breadsticks or flatbreads, or chicken and cheese puff pastry creations that make for perfect centrepieces, let cheese be the star of your Christmas table.

These cheddar cheese biscuits will set the mood, or try these fig and cheese filo squares.

3. Veggie or vegan fare

Vegetarian roast Image Credit: Unsplash/Christina Rumpf

A vegetarian roast is the most popular option for Christmas dinner, right after turkey and chicken, according to a 2020 survey by British international Internet-based data analytics firm YouGov. With a rising interest in plant-based diets over the last few years, the veggie roast is set to be one of the most common Christmas dinners in 2021. Options include a nut roast – a loaf filled with chestnuts, cranberries, cashew, and a number of vegetables – that can be served hot or cold. Other alternatives include dishes made with pastry, for instance, a mushroom Wellington, or vegetables with fillings, like stuffed butternut squash.

Get inspired by this classic vegan recipe for squash, roasted grapes and pepitas and eggplant rolls with quinoa stuffing.

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