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A huge upsurge in online buying helped boost Amazon's global sales during the pandemic. Image Credit: AP

The year 2020 was a tough one for the entire world. But which global companies made it through to the other side, with their bottom line intact?

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Ever since COVID-19 wreaked havoc with finance industries around the world, global equity markets have been seeing a strong recovery. According to Canada-based online investment website Visual Capitalist, the 100 biggest companies in the world were worth a record-breaking $31.7 trillion (Dh 116.4 trillion) as of March 31, 2021. In comparison, the combined gross domestic product (GDP) of the US and China was $35.7 trillion (Dh131.12 trillion) in 2020.

The US-based finance news website Fortune recently published a list of the world’s most admired companies, based on a poll of some 3,800 corporate executives, directors and analysts. Here are the top five:

1. Apple

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Apple Image Credit: AP

In March 2021, Apple’s market capitalisation (a view of what the market values the company at) increased to $2.08 trillion (Dh7.64 trillion). To put it into context, only seven countries in the entire world have annual GDP figures greater than Apple’s market cap.

2. Amazon

Another rare trillion-dollar company, Amazon’s revenue in 2020 was $386 billion (Dh1.4 trillion), up 38 per cent from 2019, and its market capitalization was up to $1.63 trillion (Dh5.99 trillion). It was one of the few global companies that saw its first-quarter net sales grow considerably this year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

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3. Microsoft

190131 Microsoft
Microsoft Image Credit: Reuters

Born in a garage in 1975, Microsoft is now on track to becoming the second US company ever (after Apple) worth more than $2 trillion (Dh7.35 trillion). The company saw record sales of its enterprise cloud software during the pandemic, according to US based business news website Forbes.

4. Walt Disney

Walt Disney Company Image Credit: AP

Despite experiencing fluctuating stocks and a slowing down in its subscriber base on Disney+, the company’s market capitalisation rested at $321.2 billion (Dh1.17 trillion) in November, 2021.

5. Starbucks

Starbucks Image Credit: Gulf News archives

The company that brought specialty coffee into the mainstream, Starbucks has a merchandising empire that stretches across 33,000 stores around the world. Although labour shortages and the pandemic have affected its global operations, the company is recovering rapidly – its current market capitalization is $132.7 billion (Dh487.4 billion).

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