The chatter on social media networks is usually sprinkled with unusual, creative slang terms. Are you all caught up this year? Image Credit: Unsplash/Nick Fewings

Are you going to slay today’s Spell It?

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With the spread of social media, and as a workaround for character limits on some sites, like Twitter, some incredibly creative informal terms have become commonplace, capturing emotions and expressions in an often amusing way. The year 2022 saw its own slew of new slang terms, and here are some you should know if you spend time online:

1. Bussin’

If you’re eating a really great meal at a restaurant or at someone’s house and you want to express your appreciation, you could say: “This food is bussin’!” It basically means something that tastes amazing.

2. Cheugy

Pronounced “choogy”, this term is used to describe something that was a trend a long time ago, but is now regarded as normal. It can also be referred to as something that’s painfully mainstream. In 2022, cheugy replaces the old fan-favourite “basic”.

3. The blueprint

When someone has done something so exceptionally well that it feels like it’s the first time anyone’s done it, they can be called the blueprint. Similar to the slang “OG” (for original), the blueprint is a synonym for icon or legend.

4. Sending me

If a situation has you laughing so hard, you cannot breathe, you would say it is “sending me”. You may have heard phrases with a similar meaning – “I’m screaming” or “I can’t”. To add even more emphasis, you can add locations for clarity. For instance, you could say that the joke “sent me into the orbit” – to show that you laughed so hard you’ve exited the planet.

5. Caught in 4K

If you’ve caught someone red-handed and have the evidence to prove it – usually in video – you can say “you’ve been caught in 4K”. The popular phrase originated on social media network TikTok, and is often accompanied by the camera emoji to really send the message that the person has been busted.

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