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A London College of Fashion alumni, Pooja Khurana specialises in fashion, bridal and editorial makeup techniques. Based in New Delhi, India, but often travelling across the globe, Pooja has a deep and abiding passion for fashion and bridal makeup making her one of the most sought after artists.

Pooja does not believe in using heavy makeup to transform a person. ‘That isn’t my style. Instead, [I used makeup] to bring out the best in each individual’s face; highlight their best features and make them look the best version of themselves,’ she says in an interview to Friday Bride.

The 5 big trends for this season?

We’ll be playing with glitters, metallics and pastels.

We are looking at monochromic shimmers and eyeshadows that’s in a lot of palettes this season.

The second trend is playing with rhinestones, body jewels on the face, but placement really matters. So it’s about making a statement but relatable.

Third is a base looking like skin so you have light reflecting soft foundations, cream blushes creamy highlighters, very dewy, very sheen very natural.

Not over the top.

Trend number four would be playing with more nude palettes. Less colour for bridal makeup playing again with pastels, rose gold, coppers, browns… keeping the palette to nudes and champagne tones.

And trend number five is playing with liners trying to make it edgy whether you bring it into a smudge, snatched or get a little bit creative on the crease. Working with negative space.

If heading for a glamourous evening, you can really use a little bit of graphic eyeliner, playing with negative space making a winged into a snatched look and just getting experimental with the liner.

One of the challenges, she says, she faces is trying to make brides understand what will suit them. Some brides want a certain look even though they might not be having features aligned to that look. For instance, they might have a droopy hooded eye but want a very thick, winged, snatched liner. It’s not going to work for them. So it’s important to be realistic with the bride without making her feel bad and instead explain to her what’s going to work best for her features and what we can do to bring out the best in her.

Tips for brides:

Take care of their skin well before the wedding.

Don’t go with what everybody is following like. Get an outfit that really suits you and complements you.

Be realistic with the kind of looks that would work for them.

Trust the artist. Do research on the artist.

Avoid over dieting; just have a very balanced diet. Don’t follow fad diets. Look ook after their well being and just to be happy and not take over stress because this all reflects on the face and if they’re doing a destination wedding as well. Be very thorough with all vendors of what their expectations are and the deliverables and have everything written and also from the vendors and including from the makeup artist. Be very transparent.