Host Muna Al Harbi dives deeper into the disease as she speaks with Dr Jihad Inshasi in the second episode of MS Talks – Keep Moving Forward Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque

In the first episode of this five-episode GN videocast series, MS Talks – Keep Moving Forward, host and inspiring multiple sclerosis (MS) patient Muna Al Harbi describes her journey from the despair of diagnosis to learning to live – and thrive – with her condition.

In the second episode, she dives deeper into the disease, speaking with Dr Jihad Inshasi, a Professor of Neurology at the Bay Medical College and a Consultant Neurologist at Rashid Hospital, Dubai Health Authority. Dr Jihad explains what MS is, how it strikes, and dispels some common misunderstandings.

After extensive study over the past 30 years, researchers now have more insights into the lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to getting MS, including some that may surprise many people.

"It’s [seen] more in females than in males, more among those of a younger age, and more common in the Scandinavian countries and Scotland," says the doctor.

Episode two also tackles the fear and uncertainty around MS, showing how a patient’s outcome is rarely set in stone after a diagnosis; there is much specialised care in the UAE that can help patients and their families.

As with everything in life, knowledge is power. So, this is one health podcast you can’t afford to miss.

What is MS Talks

MS Talks – Keep Moving Forward is an in-depth, five-part videocast series on multiple sclerosis by Gulf News in partnership with Novartis. Hosted by Muna Al Harbi, an MS patient, the series covers the challenges of living with the disease.

You can follow the series at gulfnews.com/ms-talks.

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