Video Credit: Hardee's

It’s too good to be true, yet it is true. For the first time ever, Hardee’s is introducing seafood to its menu. Now you can enjoy alongside Hardee’s signature beef burgers and chicken sandwiches, the best shrimps ever made, the Star Shrimp.

The Star Shrimp Meal box offers 12 crunchy shrimps, two dipping sauces, fries and a drink. There’s also the 20-piece shrimp box served with two sauces, and is ideal for sharing with your family and friends. And don’t miss out on the five shrimps add on option as well, simply pair with any of your favourite combos.

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For residents in the UAE who have grown up relishing the joys of biting into Hardee’s world-famous chargrilled beef burgers, shrimps make the ideal appetiser for a juicy Angus Thickburger, the crispy Chicken Tenders™ or the Super Star beef burger.

Hardee’s opened its doors in Kuwait back in 1980s and since than gained an immediate popularity in GCC region. Currently there are nearly 400 Hardee’s restaurants in the Middle East and Africa region, and almost 2000 restaurants in the USA.

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