Maya Kobeissi, the in-house nutritionist of mix&muesli. Image Credit: Courtesy: mix&muesli

The original way:

Adding muesli to low fat or skimmed milk is always a winner — especially with kids. It’s a quick and easy breakfast or ideal for a light snack before bedtime. Add some fresh fruit or berries for a sweet something extra.

The yoghurt lover’s way:

Pair muesli with plain low fat yoghurt, low fat Greek yoghurt or low fat flavoured yoghurt, such as vanilla. With both carbs and proteins, it’s a balanced and delicious breakfast and is also great as a post-workout snack. mix&muesli’s “fitness fuel” pre-mix is a great option with extras such as goji berries, pumpkin seeds and sliced almonds.

The smooth way:

Up your smoothie game by adding a spoonful or two of mix&muesli to a smoothie of bananas, berries and skimmed milk for a really filling (and fulfilling) breakfast, snack or even dinner.

The chocoholic’s way:

For those with a sweet tooth, why not try muesli balls? Melt some dark chocolate in a pot until its smooth. Let it cool for few minutes, add some muesli to the chocolate and mix well. Once cooled a little further, form into small balls, place on a parchment paper-lined flat try and cool in the fridge. This is ideal for parties or for a sweet work-time snack. Try a muesli with exotic dried fruit and nuts to make fruit and nut chocolates.

The parfait way:

Ideal for a quick easy (and nutritious) desert, make a muesli parfait. In a glass cup, add muesli, followed by a layer of mixed berries, a layer or yoghurt, and a dash of honey. Repeat until the cup is full and sprinkle with berries and muesli.

— Maya Kobeissi is in-house nutritionist for mix&muesli, responsible for advising on ingredients and creating the brand’s selection of muesli pre-mixes. She is the director of nutrition programmes at the Obesity Medicine Institute in Dubai. For more recipe ideas or to mix your very own muesli, visit mixandmuesli.com.