Luke Perry Image Credit: Supplied

Luke Perry will be honored in the season premiere of ‘Riverdale’, with his former ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ co-star Shannen Doherty guest starring.

Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, told a TV critics meeting on Sunday that the episode is “a moving piece” and “a tribute to our friend and a well-respected actor.”

Perry died in March at age 52 after a massive stroke. His death occurred in the middle of filming for season three and wasn’t mentioned on the show.

Producers opted until the season four premiere airing October 9 to address what happened to Perry’s character Fred Andrews, the father of Archie.

Molly Ringwald is expected to have a bigger role as Archie’s mother.

Doherty stars in Fox’s ‘BH90210’ reboot series debuting Wednesday. It’s expected to also honor Perry.