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Joe Exotic on “Tiger King.” Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix will be releasing an extra episode of ‘Tiger King’ next week, according to the zoo owner Jeff Lowe, who appeared on the hit docu-series.

He revealed the details about a new episode in a video posted on Twitter by Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, reports Variety.

“Netflix is adding one more episode. It will be on next week. They’re filming here tomorrow,” Lowe said in the video.

It is unclear whether the new episode will be a follow-up to the show’s seven-episode run or more of a reunion. Netflix recently released a reunion episode for ‘Love Is Blind’ and did a post-show interview hosted by Oprah Winfrey with the ‘When They See Us’ cast last year.

‘Tiger King’, which premiered on Netflix on March 20, follows the bizarre exploits of private zoo owner Joe Exotic, who runs a zoo full of hundreds of tigers and other rare animals.

Many celebrities have also come out as “Tiger King” fans. Cardi B floated the idea of starting a GoFundMe to help release Joe Exotic, and actors like Dax Shepard have thrown their names out on Twitter to play the character if the story were adapted to a movie.