Pati, Patni aur Dakku Mangal Singh Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Ever wanted to be a Bollywood star? Well, that might not be possible, but you could definitely star in the poster of a Bollywood blockbuster movie. In fact, all you need is a picture of you, two weeks' time on your hands and Dh500 to spare.

Indian Hippy, a company that was started by Indian computer engineer Hinesh Jethwani, is giving a boost to the dwindling poster-making industry by allowing people to feature as actors in movie posters.

"We often forget that every end conceals a new beginning," Jethwani said.

New lease of life

So when he realised that some of the people who used to be poster artists are now security guards and drivers because of the new digital media industry, he decided to kickstart a venture that would revive the poster-making industry and give back these men a job they once loved.

The UAE was quite receptive to the idea, with the company getting several orders from the country. Mahesh Balani, a Dubai resident, ordered one such poster for his best friend's wedding, titled: Pati Patni Aur Daaku (Husband, Wife and Bandit).

The poster featured his friend with one arm about his wife and holding a revolver.

"My friend really liked the gift and started showing it around to everyone. People were quite amused and amazed at the same time," he said.