Abu Dhabi: Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama performed on Friday night as part of the line up for Yasalam's Beats on the Beach, which took place in the F1 Fan Zone on the Corniche.

tabloid! managed to catch a few moments with the singer before he went on stage.

What do you think of the Yasalam activities taking place for those who can't attend the F1 races?

I think it's great. There is such a diverse range of activities that everyone is able to take part in Formula One in their own way, whether it's through events such as Beats on the Beach or somewhere else.

Are you staying to watch the Formula One races, or are you flying straight out after your concert?

I'm a huge Formula 1 fan, so I'm definitely staying to watch the races. I even brought my family with me so that we could enjoy the activities together! Tomorrow, I'll most likely take my children to the circuit to have a look around.

Have you ever driven an F1 car?

Sadly no, although I'd love to. But I have participated in celebrity style car races and other similar events.

Do you have anything planned you'd like to do before your performance tonight?

I won't be going out, if that's what you mean. Instead, I'm going to stay in the hotel and get ready for my performance.

How do you prepare for your concerts?

I eat healthy, rest, probably take a massage if there's time and have a hot shower. Then, I do some vocal training exercises and a small prayer before I go on stage.

What can the people coming expect from your concert?

To have a good party!