Ali Zafar Image Credit: Supplied

Ali Zafar recently dished out a little surprise in the form of a home-made music video where he reimagines John Lennon’s 1971 classic single, ‘Imagine’.

While Lennon was thinking of a world that had “No heaven/No hell below us,” Zafar proffers a scenario where, “There is no Twitter/No place to fight for glory/No likes, if someone dies/Imagine all the people living life in peace”.

Penned by Zafar, the song carries a very important message for today’s social-media obsessed generation.

The lyrics are simple yet forceful. One can clearly see where the rockstar is coming from — having been called out on Twitter by a host of women accusing him of sexual harassment.

The case is sub judice.

Popular among his friends for his tongue-in-cheek humour, Zafar opens his song by announcing that “this is a public service message!”

The entire track is played on piano. Also, there is a “pun in the end,” he cautions, that must not be missed.