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Alserkal Avenue. Image Credit:

‘Market of Misfits’, a full day event featuring live music, dog yoga and ugly vegetables will take place at Kave in Alserkal Avenue on November 14.

The event kicks off at 10am with a yoga session, where your dogs are invited, too, followed by a brunch. At the same time, guests can browse and shop for organic vegetables that look different — or, as they say, ‘ugly’. For those who are hungry for something on-the-go, homemade food is available to fill up tour home pantry, with “Palestinian falafel and vegan cheese” already being advertised.

“We know you miss travelling! That’s why we want to bring the street market vibe to you! Join our market of misfits and enjoy a day that celebrates everything old, out of place and full of character,” say organisers.

Visitors who are missing second-hand shopping, you can buy antiques, vintage and thrift items from collectors and creators. Meanwhile, live sketching will take place from 1pm — that means free portraits on the fly — and live music will begin at 3pm, featuring local artist.

And, if you’ve been meaning to pick up a new hobby with all your time spent at home, you can sit for an embroidery workshop at 5pm (all materials included).

Finally, join in on a backgammon tournament at 6pm on the street. The event wraps up at 8pm.