190113 girls day
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Last Thursday, Dream T Entertainment confirmed that Girl’s Day member Sojin will leave the agency when her contract expires next month, but denied the K-Pop group would disband.

The contracts of the remaining three members — Minah, Yura, Hyeri — are also set to expire this year and therefore they are in discussion with the company.

“We have no intention to disband Girl’s Day’s group activities,” the label said according to K-Pop Herald. “We are seeking ways for the group to do activities together in the future.”

Girl’s Day were introduced to the K-Pop scene in 2010 with debut EP ‘Girl’s Day Party #1’. They released hits such as ‘Twinkle Twinkle, ‘Something’ and ‘Darling’. The quartet is considered one of South Korea’s most acclaimed female acts. It wasn’t until their 2013 album ‘Expectation’ and its breakout title track that cemented them in the K-Pop scene.

Two years ago, all four members renewed their contract with their longtime agency.

Apart from the group’s activities, they have been seen active in the Korean entertainment scene, from acting in dramas and movies to starring in variety shows.