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Pop star Enrique Iglesias is set to perform at The Pointe, a new waterfront destination on the Palm Jumeirah, on December 14. The ‘Hero’ singer will be part of an entertainment event that kicks off at 4pm, with his headlining set taking place at 9pm.

The 43-year-old father of two, who welcomed twins in 2017, told Gulf News tabloid! he’s bringing a “whole new show with lots of great production” to the UAE. Ahead of the gig, he reflected back on his legacy and told us where he’s going next.

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias performing at the Dubai Jazz Festival at Media City in February, 2017. Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News archive

Q: You’ve performed in Dubai before, and you’ve always been quite popular in this region. What do you make of Middle Eastern fans and audiences?

A: I’m excited to bring the show back to Dubai. The fans there are amazing and have so much energy.

Q: You released two songs this year, ‘El Bano’ with Bad Bunny and ‘Move to Miami’ with Pitbull. Why did those two collaborations appeal to you?

A: Both Pitbull and Bad Bunny just brought something special and unique to each song. It made it feel complete, like it was the perfect touch.

Q: Who’s a current artist you would still like to collaborate with?

A: So many to choose from. I don’t want to ruin any surprises, but there some plans for the new year.

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View from the Pointe at the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Q: Spanish music has been making major waves in the mainstream music scene recently. As someone who has been pushing the Latin pop industry forward for a long time, do you think Spanish-singing artists have an easier time getting their music out there in 2018?

A: I don’t feel it’s particularly easier, but I do feel people are much more embracing to hearing songs in other languages.

Q: Next year will mark 20 years since you released one of your most iconic songs, ‘Bailamos’. How do you reflect on that song and its long-lasting legacy now?

A: It takes me back to a great chapter in my life. I still love performing the song at most of my shows.

Q: Your latest studio album released in 2014. Will you be working on a new album in the future?

A: It’s in the works as we speak.

Q: As a public figure, is privacy something that’s important to you?

A: Yes, very much. I like keeping my work life and private life separate as much as I can.

Q: What do you do when you want to unwind and relax?

A: Honestly, I just love to hang out at home in Miami. Hang out by the water, go to my favourite local restaurants and the movies when I can.

Q: Finally, it’s one month until the New Year. What are your resolutions for 2019?

A: More songs and more shows.

Don’t miss it

Tickets to see Enrique Iglesias in Dubai are Dh150, which includes Dh115 that is redeemable at various dining outlets at The Pointe. No parking will be available at the venue. Free transport is available via the Palm Jumeirah Monorail.