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Britney Spears in a file photo Image Credit: AP

Looks like Britney Spears is ready to spill her side of the story and who better than talk show queen Oprah Winfrey to guide her through her tell-all interview?

Spears, who just celebrated her first week of freedom from a 13-year long conservatorship, hinted in an Instagram post that a possible chat with Winfrey could very well be on the cards.

“I might as well do a hint of my thoughts on the gram before I go and set things square on @Oprah !!!!! I mean who knows …,” posted Spears on her social media, before adding: “I do know how embarrassing is to share the fact I’ve never seen cash or wasn’t able to drive my car …. but honestly it still blows my mind every day I wake up how my family and the conservatorship were able to do what they did to me !!!! I’m used to keeping peace for the family and keeping my mouth shut … but not this time … I have NOT FORGOTTEN.”

It’s unclear whether a sit-down between Spears and Winfrey is already in the works but the talk show host would be the ideal choice considering her noteworthy interviews with singer Adele, along with the infamous Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex televised events.

“I’m here today to answer all of your guys’ questions, and the first main question that you guys have been asking me is, ‘What am I going to do now that the conservatorship’s over with?’ Very good question,” Spears said in an Instagram video.

The singer went on to express gratitude for “the little things” she is finally able to do since regaining control over her own life, such as accessing the keys to her car, “owning an ATM card, seeing cash for the first time” and buying candles.

Oprah Winfrey Image Credit: AP

“It makes a huge difference,” Spears said. “It’s really nice. But I’m not here to be a victim. I lived with victims my whole life as a child. That’s why I got out of my house and I worked for 20 years and worked my [expletive] off.

“I’m here to be an advocate for people with real disabilities and real illnesses. I’m a very strong woman, so I can only imagine what the system has done to those people. So hopefully ... my story will make an impact and make some changes in the corrupt system.”

Last Friday, a judge brought an end to the 13-year-long court mandated conservatorship that left her father, Jamie Spears, in charge of her finances and all her decisions.

There has been talk that Spears is looking to get married to her fiancé Sam Asghari in the coming months.