Adele Image Credit: IANS

Adele has opened up on her caffeine addiction, saying that calling quits on coffee is tougher as it left her with a horrible migraine. This has increased her withdrawal by a great margin causing her a lot of pain, though belting out hits on stage has made it easier to deal with the whole mess.

According to ‘The Daily Mail’, the British mega pop star revealed the same to her audience back during her gig in Las Vegas. However, she admitted that adrenalin and caffeine “must be the same thing” as she always feels better after taking to the stage.

She added: “It was like there was a drill inside my head. It was a lot. It was harder than giving up cigarettes, harder than when you want to stop drinking.”

Talking about her withdrawal, she said: “I’m disgusted by what these withdrawal symptoms are. I’m not giving in now. I did have about 25 decaf coffees yesterday trying to trick my brain into thinking I was drinking coffee.”

She went on to add: “Caffeine and adrenalin must be the same thing because the minute I came on stage and you all started singing back at me, my headache has gone a little bit. A nice bit of relief. So, if you see me having the shakes, don’t worry.”

Splitting headaches, lack of focus and irritability, as well as either getting insomnia or even in rarer cases, getting narcolepsy are common withdrawal symptoms from quitting caffeine for those who are coffee addicts.

Adele is known for her great voice, but she was also a chain-smoker which led to her losing her voice bit by bit. In a bid to quit her daily smoking, Adele went on to cancel many shows in 2011 and was even told by doctors to completely quit the smokes or else she’ll have to lose her career permanently, and may even lose her life due to lung or throat cancer if things got any worse.