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No party is complete without some K-Pop bops to get you going. Thanks to incredibly talented Korean artists, we’ve been blessed with awesome party bangers this summer. Whether you’re hosting a party or at a party, here are some of this year’s most infectious songs that will surely get you on the dance floor:

1. DIA – Woowa

DIA’s ‘Woowa’ is a club-ready dance track. Moving away from the band’s signature bubblegum sonic style, the infectious song gives off a retro feel along with quirky beats and synth sounds that will get you dancing and singing ‘woowa woowa woowa’ all day and night. You’ll get carried away as soon as you hear the first beat.

2. Pentagon – Sha La La

‘Sha La La’ is the ultimate party anthem. From their eighth EP ‘Genie:us’, the future house dance song features just the right elements and sounds to keep it upbeat and exciting. It’s also Pentagon’s vocal delivery and in synch performance that takes the song to another level. This K-Pop group never disappoints!

3. Everglow – Bon Bon Chocolat

Everglow made a strong impression with empowering debut track ‘Bon Bon Chocolat’. The rookie group caught attention for their confident energy, individual charms and striking choreography in the electro-pop track. ‘Bon Bon Chocolat’ is a mix of hip hop and EDM sounds. Like the girls in the music video, glam it up and show everyone how it’s done.

4. Twice – Fancy

A party is not the same without some Twice songs. With hit track ‘Fancy’, the members showed a mature, bold side with an edgier fashion sense and more powerful dance moves whilst maintaining their bright and cheerful sound. It won the hearts of fans and pretty much dominated the music charts. Listening to this insanely catchy beat and chorus will make you want to hit the dance floor.

5. KARD – Bomb Bomb

‘Bomb Bomb’ is unquestionably a party banger. As soon as the beat drops, you’re going to find yourself dancing to Kard’s hard-hitting single. The co-ed’s fierce moombahton dance track oozes with energy and their captivating music video pretty much speaks for itself. So, put on your dancing shoes, hit play and wow the crowd with the song’s dynamic choreography.


The five girls are unapologetically themselves in hot new single ‘ICY’. ITZY’s vocals perfectly blend with the song’s playful beat and catchy lyrics, making it such a fun and cool track to play for any occasion. ‘ICY’ is a major confidence-boosting tune and will definitely put you in a party mode.

7. Somi – Birthday

Sometimes in life you just got to shake it off and have fun like it’s your birthday. Like Somi sings in her solo debut song, “Imma shake it shake it shake it like it was my birthday” and “every day is my birthday”. The singer’s hip hop and dance-oriented track is perfect for any type of party. So, grab your friends and you’re good to go.

8. CIX – Movie Star

CIX, which stands for ‘Complete in X’, made quite an impactful impression with a seductive entrance. Just seven days into their debut, the rookie all-male group’s title track ‘Movie Star’ from EP ‘Hello Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger’ made them the second fastest K-Pop group to win an award at a Korean TV music show. It’s hard to resist their charismatic visuals and piercing stares. They’ll make you feel like a movie star.

9. Ailee – Room Shaker

Off of Ailee’s latest album ‘butterfly’, ‘Room Shaker’ is worth everyone’s attention. The vocal prowess declares she’s a “room shaker shaker room room” in her highly fierce and upbeat hip hop single. From the whistle intro to the trap beats and anthemic chorus, ‘Room Shaker’ features a variety of sounds to move to. The song will stick in your head sooner than you think.