Mukhbiir's producers are so confident of the brilliance of this espionage thriller that they are willing to return your money if you don't enjoy it.

One marketing tactic that FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies employ is the money-back policy. If you are dissatisfied with the product's quality or performance, your money is returned.

Now, surprisingly, this tactic has been introduced to Bollywood. Makers of the latest spy thriller, Mukhbiir, are offering to return the cost of the ticket if you are unsatisfied with the film! Such a thing is unheard off in the cinema business. Either Mukhbiir's producers are very confident of their film or are just trying to gain some attention.

Hyderabad-based producer, Sudhish Rambhotla of Colorchips New Media, along with the distributors, Pyramid Saimira came up with the novel money-back scheme.

However, the scheme is restricted to the Indian public. The ticket price minus the entertainment tax will be refunded to the first 5,000 people who ask for it. All they need to do is post their tickets to the producer's office in Hyderabad.

The makers' confidence

Mukbiir is directed by Mani Shankar, who started his career on a promising note with 16 December, but then made the over-the-top, special-effects-driven Rudraksh, which flopped despite big names such as Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu and Suniel Shetty were in starring roles.

Mukbiir has Sameer Dattani in the lead role. "Mukbiir is about a young man who chooses to live life at razor's edge. He is a spy who is working undercover in an underworld organisation. It is a gripping emotional, action film that is going to strike a chord with audiences," says the confident Shankar about his new film. Meanwhile, Rambhotla has made sure that the film's title is in sync with numerological beliefs. He changed the film's title from Mukhbir to Mukhbiir. But, if the makers of the film are so confident of the script, why bother adding the extra letter?

Ready to take off?

Dattani's first film was Rajshri Productions' Uff Kya Jadoo Mohabbat Hai, but the film wasn't magical in the least. But Dattani's handsome looks have kept him in circulation. He's acted in Pyar Mein Twist, Corporate, Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi and Dhoom Dhadaka. Except for Corporate, where the other stars in the film hogged the limelight, his films have all failed. Undoubtedly, Mukhbiir is Dattani's best bet. This, however, is a complex role.

When asked if he has delivered the goods, Dattani said, "I can't judge my own performance.

You will have to watch the film to know more about my role and performance".

Supporting team and controversies

The film also has Raima Sen and a formidable supporting cast, which includes Suniel Shetty, Jackie Shroff, Om Puri, Rahul Dev, Sushant Singh and Alok Nath.

Mukhbiir was also embroiled in controversy. Pritish Nandy Communications (PNC) attempted to stall the release of the film because Shankar has not returned the signing amount he was given for two films that have now been shelved. But Rambhotla is unfazed by PNC's charges as this film is his own production. He claims that Shankar's stand-off with PNC needs to be solved differently. So, the film is being released, after all.

And hopefully, this will be remembered as one of Bollywood's first few spy thrillers rather than the first movie with a money-back guarantee.