Megan Fox and Rhys Ifans star in Passion Play. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Who's in it? Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke, Bill Murray, Rhys Ifans, Kelly Lynch

The plot Passion Play follows Nate Pool (Rourke), a jazz man at life's crossroads who stumbles across a carnival in the middle of the desert. Coming to the rescue of the carnival's main draw, Lily (Fox), a woman burdened with beautiful wings, Nate is faced with the choice of loving and defending his new lady and starting a new life with her, or using her to curry favour and settle a score with his long-time rival, Happy Shannon (Murray) in order to clean up his old life.

What we liked The movie plays out as a beautiful, whimsical love story with a bittersweet twist of an ending. And although Nate is pretty much the same broken-down man who has become Rourke's speciality since The Wrestler, the actor plays a vulnerable musician with elan - he's charming and fans will enjoy his work.

What we didn't like Though so central to the story, Fox's Lily is given little chance to do anything but stretch her CGI wings. The plot is also a bit preachy and sometimes exhausting to watch and understand.

Our rating 2/5

Who's who in Hollywood: Kelly Lynch

Bio Lynch is an American actress who has appeared in the iconic films Drugstore Cowboy alongside Matt Dillon, and Road House alongside the late Patrick Swayze.
Fact! She was once a model, represented by Elite modelling agency.