Jennifer Coolidge
Jennifer Coolidge Image Credit: AFP

Hollywood actress Jennifer Coolidge has admitted that she still hasn’t found the “love of her life” yet because she has not yet come across a man who is the right fit for her.

The “White Lotus” star, 61, has been showered with praise following her latest role as billionaire heiress Tanya McQuoid in the hit HBO series, but even with all the love from her fans and her famous friends, Jennifer can still sometimes feel alone without a love to call her own, reports ‘The Mirror’.

Lifting the lid on her dating life, the former “American Pie” actress revealed that throughout her life, she has made a number of “bad decisions: when it comes to men, and in turn, it has left her feeling “insecure” about what it is that she wants from love.

“I’ve been around forever, since I was 30 -- that’s a long time. But when I go to a party with my other actor friends, I don’t know any of the people,” she said, quoted by ‘Mirror’.

“I live a secluded life in New Orleans and I only know the people I meet on the job and my friends from The Groundlings,” Jennifer explained of her life in Hollywood.

Asked why she doesn’t have as much love for herself as all her fans do, she told Page Six: “Oh, I don’t know. I mean, in my dating life, I’ve never found anyone quite right for myself. I haven’t found the love of my life.”

“I think I made some bad decisions. It makes you insecure and you don’t think you’re great. Many people can come up to you at the airport, people come up when they have nothing else to do, they say very nice things to you, and people in Hollywood come up and say ‘You’re great’, but the only way you know they mean it is if you give you a job,” Jennifer added.