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Hollywood filmmaker Michael Bay directed a short film showcasing Abu Dhabi’s structural wonders and it’s online for all to see.

The clip went up on YouTube on Tuesday afternoon through twofour54’s official channel, running for a minute and a half.

It kicks off with ominous music and builds up momentum, which is typical of Bay’s action-packed style. The director famously helmed blockbusters such as Transformers, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor.

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More dramatic than the music, however, is the scenery, Abu Dhabi’s remarkable architecture through sweeping shots and Bay’s vision.

Familiar landmarks include the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace, Etihad Towers, Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Yas Hotel, Yas Marina Circuit, Liwa dessert, Ferrari World, Sky Tower and the Fairmont Marina Abu Dhabi.

We also see a helicopter parked atop the Adnoc Headquarters, later flying over a vast expanse of sand.

“Discover visionary Abu Dhabi by legendary director Michael Bay,” reads the intro shot.

Bay was in the capital emirate last year to film his massive Netflix production ‘6 Underground’, starring Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.

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The cast and crew spent nearly a month on principal photography in the UAE, from November 12 to December 5.

In the film, Abu Dhabi doubled for a fictional Middle Eastern country as well as Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

According to production hub twofour54, Bay became the first director to shoot a feature film inside the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

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6 Underground

‘6 Underground’, which has been streaming since December, is one of more than 85 major productions to film in Abu Dhabi.

Previous Hollywood movies to shoot in the emirate include ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise and ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’.

This marks the second Netflix production to film in Abu Dhabi, with the first being Brad Pitt’s ‘War Machine’ in 2015.

Watch the Abu Dhabi film below: