Tom Arnold Image Credit: Supplied

Tom Arnold’s criminal battery case against Mark Burnett, much like his search for the alleged Donald Trump tapes, has gone nowhere.

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office has declined to file criminal charges against The Apprentice creator “due to insufficient evidence,” a spokesman said Thursday.

Arnold went public on Twitter last month with allegations that Burnett had “choked” him at a pre-Emmys party during what started as a verbal dispute over the recordings. He cited Kevin and Sosie Bacon as reliable witnesses. Actress Alyson Hannigan tweeted that she witnessed a scuffle but thought it was a joke initially.

Burnett’s wife, Roma Downey, countered Arnold’s claim, tweeting that the True Lies actor had bruised her hand when he “tried to ambush” them at the event.

Arnold filed his police report on September 17, the day after the party, and said Thursday in a statement that he intends to “proceed with a claim” against Burnett for assault and battery.

“There were several witnesses who corroborated what he did to me that evening,” Arnold said through his attorney, adding that he’d heard from law enforcement that witnesses were reluctant to come forward.

“[H]e is a powerful man, but that won’t stop me from making sure that Mr Burnett is held accountable for his conduct,” Arnold said.

As for those tapes? The Viceland show The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold followed its namesake’s search for allegedly damaging recordings of Trump to no avail. By the time the eighth episode aired on October 15, they still hadn’t been found.

The series wasn’t renewed.