Ezra Miller as Flash in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “Justice League.” Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures - DC Comic

So when you see someone who has played a character as epic as the superhero 'Flash' or Credence in the ‘Fantastic Beast’ series, it’s normal to want to go say hello, shake their hand or even want a selfie. What’s unusual is possibly getting into a bout of fisticuffs.

But this is exactly what happened when one lady walked up to Ezra Miller. A video that’s since gone viral shows someone who looks a lot like the actor being approached by a woman, who puts her fists up and takes up a mock fighting stance – we know she’s playing around because of the way she’s smiling. Miller on the other hand – well, he can be heard on the clip saying, “You want to fight?” before putting his hand on her throat. Ok, so if this isn’t strange enough…he’s seen man-handling her next, forcing her to the floor.

The short clip has earned Miller a great deal of flack, with some twitter users calling him out on the misuse of celebrity. Among those who've spoken out against him is 'On My Block' actor Diego Tinoco, who wrote, "Insanely inhuman to disrespect and a harm a fan like that. Don’t know the whole backstory but I don’t think I have to. People get so clouded up in their heads with vanity they think they can do whatever they want to whoever they want. [Expletive] Ezra Miller."

Other however are on his side, saying it all looks like a harmless prank. The person shooting the video can be overheard at the end, concerned, saying: “Woah, Bro, bro.”

So far Miller has not addressed the video.